floor care products
Floor Care Products
Product Code Size image Price
Busy Bee Broom sb1/65 each no image R37.90
Budget Broom sb1/66 each no image R29.90
Carpet Broom sb1/67 each no image R33.10
Econo Plastic Broom sb1/68 each no image R53.80
Plastic Soft Broom sb1/69 each no image R82.30
Multi colour Broom sb1/70 each broom R105.90
Wooden Platform Broom Soft, 300mm sb1/71 each broom R119.30
Wooden Platform Broom 460w sb1/72 each broom R143.20
Wooden Platform Broom 610w sb1/73 each broom R181.70
Deck Scrubber sb1/74 each deck scrubber R61.70
Yard Broom Green-Medium sb1/74b each yard broom R108.80
Yard Broom Hard/ Brown sb1/76 each no image R97.90
Synthetic Corn Broom sb1/77 each no image R113.90
Mop 200 gram sb1/78 each no image R28.30
Industrial Mega Mop 400 gram sb1/79 each no image R40.80
Mega Mop 400 gram Head only sb1/80 each mop R36.00
Fan Mop 400 gram sb1/81 each mop R82.10
Fan Mop 400g Head only sb1/82 each no image R35.60
Sweeper Mop 400mm complete sb1/83 each no image R139.60
Sweeper Mop 600mm complete sb1/84 each no image R168.10
Sweeper Mop 400mm , head only sb1/85 each mop R61.10
Sweeper Mop 600mm, head only   each sweeper mop R81.40
Sheep Skin Polish Applicator 300mm sb1/87 each polish applicator R126.50
Sheep Skin Polish Applicator 400mm sb1/88 each polish applicator R134.50
Sheep Skin Pad only 300mm sb1/89 each polish applicator R26.10
Shee Skin Pad only 400mm sb1/90 each polish applicator R28.40
400 mm Black Scrubbing Pad sb1/91 each no image R46.10
425 mm Black Scrubbing Pad sb1/92 each polish pads R51.40
450mm Black Scrubbing Pad sb1/93 each polish pads R62.60
500mm Black Scrubbing Pad sb1/94 each buffing pad R83.20
400 mm Red Poilsh Pad sb1/95 each polish pad R46.10
425mm Red Polish Pad sb1/96 each polish pads R51.40
450mm Red Polish Pad sb1/97 each polish pads R62.60
500mm Red Polishing Pad sb1/98 each polish pad R83.20
400mm White Buffing Pad sb1/99 each polish pad R46.10
425mm White Buffing Pad sb1/100 each no image R51.40
450mm White Buffing Pad sb1/101 each no image R62.60
500mm White Buffing Pad sb1/102 each no image R83.20
Doodle Bug complete sb1/103 each no image R99.70
Doodle Bug Pad only sb1/104 each no image R8.30
Jumbo Dust Pan sb1/106 each dust pan R35.60
Dust Pan set sb1/107 each no image R44.00
Dust Pan, small sb1/108 each no image R21.40
Plastic Dust Pan Long Handle sb1/109 each no image R181.90
Metal Squeegee 450mm sb1/110 each squeegee R152.00
Plastic Bucket 9 Litre sb1/111 each No Image R26.30
Plastic Bucket 12 Litre sb1/112 each No Image R49.60
Plastic Bucket 12 Litre on wheels sb1/113 each No Image R76.60
Mop Trolley with wringer econo sb1/114 each No Image R891.30
Mop Trolley with wringer econo double sb1/115 each No Image R1114.10
Caution Sign sb1/117 each caution sign R88.40
Plastic Leaf Rake sb1/118 each No imgage R31.10

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