dish wash cleaning material
Dish Wash and Hygiene Sundries
Product Code Size Image Price
500ml Odorex Fabric Deodoriser sb1/121 each no image R29.90
Toilet Brush Large sb1/121 each dish wash brush R37.80
Toilet Brush Set sb1/122 each toilet brush set R52.40
Plastic Plunger sb1/123 each no image R59.40
Deo Block 100g sb1/124 each deo air block R8.20
Deo Block 4kg Bucket sb1/125 each no image R316.20
Urinal tabs 4kg Bucket sb1/126 each no image R286.80
Cistern Blocks sb1/127 2 card no image R8.60
Urinal Deo Mat sb/127a each no image R34.60
Odorex Fabric Deodoriser 500ml sb127a unit no image R29.60
500g Toilet Fresh Power   unit no image R31.20
Atomiser 250ml Round Bottle Complete cont unit no image R7.70
Soap Dispenser 250ml with lotion pump cont unit no image R8.90
Soap Dispenser 500ml with lotion pump cont unit no image R9.80
Squeeze Bottle 750ml with Flip cap cont unit no image R9.00
Trigger Spray Bottle complete 500 ml cont unit no image R17.60
Trigger Spray Bottle complete 1 litre cont unit no image R20.10
Trigger Spray Mech only cont unit no image R13.30
Soap Dispenser 800ml wall mount sb1/128 unit no image R148.10
Car Spongee Large 160x110x80 sb1/130 unit no image R10.00
Car Spongee Medium sb1/131 unit no image R5.00
Car Chamios sb1/132 unit no image R26.10

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