Dish Wash and Hygiene Sundries
Product Code Size Image Price
Dish Wash Brush Large F4806 sb1/4 unit dish wash brush R28.60
Brass Pot Scourers sb1/5 unit no image R9.10
Steel Pot Scourer Large sb1/6 unit steel pot scourer R1.90
Steel Wool sb1/7 25g steel wool R2.80
Steel Wool sb1/8 50g steel wool R5.20
Steel Wool sb1/9 500g steel wool R40.20
Thinline Scouring Pad 140x 200 sb1/10 unit scouring pad R3.40
Scouring Hand Pad, white, red, black sb1/12 100x150 hand scourer R4.50
Dish Buddies, Small sb1/13 70x52 dish buddy R2.70
Dish Buddies, 110x80,Large sb1/14 each No image R5.10
Mutton Cloth 400g sb1/16 400g no image R37.10
Mutton Cloth 500g sb1/17 500g no image R46.90
5kg Rags sb1/18 each no image R106.60
Super Wipes sb1/19 75g no image R1.80
Hospital Cloths sb1/20 each no image R3.60
Pure Cotton Duster sb1/21 each cotton duster R4.00
Orange Dusters sb1/22 each no image R4.50
Micro Fiber Cloth sb1/23 each no image R13.00
Kitchen Swabs Small sb1/24 each no image R3.10
Kitchen Swabs Terry sb1/25 each no image R8.90
Kitchen Tea Towels sb1/26 each no image R10.60
Kitchen Tea Towels Superior sb1/26a each no image R17.70
Yellow Gloves Waterproof sb1/27 pair dish wash gloves R10.80
Heavy Duty Black Gloves sb1/28 pair no image R41.00
Disposable Aprons Plastic sb1/29 per 100 no image R69.60
Mop Caps sb1/30 per 100 no image R34.80
Surgical Face Mask sb1/31 box of 50 no image R25.90
Disposable Latex Gloves s,m,l sb1/32 per 100 no image R87.40
Deli Gloves sb1/33 per 100 no image R7.10
"S" Scrubbing Brush sb1/34 each no image R11.30
Black Refuse Bag sb1/35 40 micron refuse bags R1.30
Clear Bags sb1/36   refuse bags R1.50
Feather Duster sb1/37 450mm feather duster R57.20
Feather Duster sb1/38 1800mm feather duster R79.80
Flick Duster with extension handle sb1/39 each no image R114.30
Flick Duster, Head only sb1/40 each no image R61.70
Telescopic Window Squeegee sb1/41 each no image R138.40
Wooden Pegs sb1/42 20 pack no image R5.00
Multi Fold Towel Code 0337 sb1/44 20x100 no image R451.70
Tidy Mini Towel code 324 sb1/45 6 pack no image R369.80
Paper Roll Code 624 sb1/45a 8 pack no image R437.80
Kitchen Roller Towels Code 380 sb1/46 12x2 no image R271.30
Tidy mini towel code 319 sb1/47 20x100 no image R433.90
Dispenser for 319 sb1/48 each no image R353.00
Barrel towel code 325 centre feed sb1/49 4 pack no image R475.40
Paper Serviettes code 7257 sb1/50 3000 no image R236.90
Tissues 2030 (40 packs of 90) sb1/51 40 pack 90 no image R665.40
Toilet paper 2 ply Eco soft sb1/53 48 rolls cheap toilet paper R344.10
Toilet paper 1 ply Twin Saver sb1/54 48 rolls no image R229.10
Toilet paper 2 ply Superior sb1/56 48 rolls no image R378.40
Tidy control code 391 sb1/57 6 pack no image R466.00
Garage Roll 210x1500 code 0474 sb1/58 each no image R313.60
Garage Roll 210x750 sb1/59 each no image R176.50
Garage Roll 160x1250 sb1/60 each no image R205.00
Garage Roll Stand sb1/61 each no image R445.70
Toilet Roll Dispenser TR2 sb1/62 each no image R223.80
Toilet Roll Dispenser TR3 sb1/63 each no image R278.80

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